Agile Working

Policy Group

Agile Working

Policy Group

This working group was created to explore how a return to the workplace (initially thought to be in September 2020) might look going forward, to redefine flexible working to agile working, whilst also ensuring gender equality remains a priority in the new agile working environment.

Research has implied women may find an agile working environment, unless appropriate policies are in place, detrimental to career progression and fulfilment, as they are given access to fewer progression and promotion opportunities. Suggested policies to combat this include encouraging business leaders to provide managers with the appropriate tools to support a flexible workforce.

The discussion is at an early stage due to the ever-changing nature of the ‘return to the workplace’ debate, caused by Covid restrictions around the world. We welcome anyone on board who is interested in this topic and wants to investigate further with us. Please contact to find out more.

We are currently carrying out a second survey, which follows on from the first Agile Working Policy; Return to Office survey in August 2020, to capture whether attitudes regarding returning to work have changed 6 months on. Using this data, we aim to publish a report which will help employers’ transition into this hybrid model when restrictions lift.

For more information on this topic, we would recommend reading the IWF / CII’s Financial Flexible Working Good Practice Guide.

Meet the chairs

Jennette Newman

Partner at Clyde & Co, President of the Forum of Insurance Lawyers, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee and Non-Executive Director – Chartered Insurance Institute.

Claire McDonald

UK and Ireland Managing Director at HDI Global SE


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