Domestic Abuse

Working Group

Domestic Abuse

Working Group

Domestic abuse rates have risen worldwide as a result of the pandemic, with a 9% increase in domestic-abuse related offences between March and June 2020 in the UK, compared to the same period in 2019 (ONS).

In addition, a study conducted by Women’s Aid in August 2020 found that 91% of respondents (who were experiencing domestic violence), felt that the pandemic had negatively impacted their situation in at least one way.

These statistics, in conjunction with the reintroduction of the Domestic Abuse Bill in March 2020, highlighted to us that something needed to be done, which is why we formed the ISC Domestic Abuse Working Group. We believe more can be done to raise awareness about domestic abuse in society, and to train more people to spot the signs of domestic violence.

This is why we are partnering with Standing Together Against Domestic Violence, Surviving
Economic Abuse and Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse, with the aims of:

  • Working with employers to put in place financial support/safety measures for employees experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Working with employers to train those are employed at call centres across the insurance industry to recognise coercive and controlling behaviours and provide the tools and knowledge to follow up.
  • Reaching out to businesses who run maintenance and repair contractors to enable them to recognise the signs of domestic abuse when they visit a home and have the appropriate training and tools to follow up.

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Meet the chairs

Kim Vernau

Chair, Non Exec, Former CEO of an MGA.



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