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ISC Group

We are delighted to announce that ISC Group are launching training and development courses. 
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ISC Group has worked to put together a series of courses designed to help members invest in their career and personal growth, through constant member feedback and collaboration with experienced coaches.

These programmes will be led and facilitated by some of our trusted partners, many of whom you would have met before. The courses are designed to work in conjunction with the workshops and events that we provide through our memberships but will delve deeper into specific aspects of career development in the trademark, safe ISC environment.

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The Programmes

Select Training Programme

Personal Development Programme

Facilitated by Andrew Stringfellow

Virtual working has been a huge challenge for all and has resulted in employees reprioritising their work and personal lives often to the detriment of personal career development. ISC Group have developed a 3-part course to help re-align employees to the new ways of working and strengthen your management skills. This programme focuses on changing culture, navigating loss in all its forms and how we can effectively resource ourselves to further our careers.

Key Information:

Format – 6-week programme 

3x90 minute sessions 

Culture: How do we understand, influence and change culture? This session looks at what Culture is and how Values play a key part. It will also look at how we can foster a particular culture in teams and how being involved in company culture can make you a better manager and more central part of your organisation.
Loss: This session looks at the how acknowledging loss and endings can be a key to understanding and managing ‘stuckness’. By acknowledging loss, we are more able to drive forward and succeed.
Resourcing Ourselves: Knowing what we have and what we need are essential aspects of navigating and advancing our careers. This reflective session looks at different resources we might want to develop in order to guarantee personal growth.

Benefits to the individual:

Assist the transition fromworking from home to the hybrid office.
Support in identifying your next move or career goal.
Better knowledge of what team members have gone through in the past year.
Relationship building with peers across the market.

Return on investment:

Support for employees during this return to office.
Broader awareness of company culture, how important it is and how all employees can contribute to it.
Better management skills for employees.

£499 / person

Emerging member price

£699 / person

General member price

Leadership Acceleration Programme (LEAP)

Facilitated by Kay White

Is an executive role a future career aspiration? Unlock your executive potential in this 6-month fast-track programme and learn with and from other aspiring women leaders from the Insurance sector by working on your personal brand, your ability to influence and by growing and leveraging your network.

This Leadership Acceleration Programme focuses you on identifying and articulating your value and using that to make you a visible, valuable future leader within the business. Focus and clarify your current ambitions and apply them to relevant opportunities and create others.  Explore how to build, then lead, a team further deepening your experience and value within the business.

Key Information:

Format – 6-month programme 
1-2-1 Introduction
7 x Group Sessions 
4 x 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions 
1 x Half-Day Workshop
2 x Stakeholder Development Sessions 
Bi-monthly Ask Me Anything DropIns – lunchtime, 60 minutes 

Who is the programme for?

Women identified for a potential executive role within the next 2 to 3 years. This programme will consist of only 8-10 women at a similar stage in their career working closely together in a blend of both group and private one-to-one sessions with Kay White. The cohort would consist of women across the sector to enable networking, connectivity and safe sharing (Max 2 from one organisation).

Benefits to the individual:

Develop more courage and clarity to take responsibility for career direction.
Be more empowered, strategic in creating considered career plans.
Initiate business growth for increased visibility and profile.
Alliance to the business for future leadership contribution.
Broaden skillset to share strategies within organisation/team.

Return on investment:

Boost ambition and drive of your key mid-level women.
Focus profitability and business contribution.
Maximise and amplify team contribution.
Flexible, influential communication.
Promotion and portability potential.
Retention of future talent with clear investment in role models.
Competitive advantage with strong female talent pipeline.

£7,499 / person

Aspire member price

£7,750 / person

General member price

Executive Coaching Programme

Facilitated by Famn

ISC Group have partnered with Famn to provide Group Coaching for a select cohort of up to 7 women in leadership positions across the insurance sector.

The Programme will be supportive, stimulating and challenging in equal measure and provides an opportunity for developing self-awareness and allowing you to make more informed choices about how we build relationships (in work and beyond).


This is an opportunity for you to get involved with coaching, if you are not already. Although key models and frameworks will be introduced, this programme is not a training course as the real value will come from the opportunity to develop your awareness of self and others through group conversation and exploration.

As with all of our events, we will ensure to provide an environment that is both safe and challenging where you can find nourishment and solidarity but also deepen your understanding of the habitual patterns that we use in managing our lives and building relationships.

The Programme kicks off with an introductory 1-2-1 call with our coach, followed by group coaching sessions every six months. We conclude the Programme with another 1-2-1 to review and consolidate the learnings.

Key Information:

Format – 6-Month programme 
1x2x1 Introductory session
6x 90 group sessions
1x2x1 consolidation session

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for individuals who currently hold an executive role in the insurance sector. For large organisations (500+) participants can report directly into the executive committee.

Benefits to the individual:

Deepening of emotional intelligence for better leadership skills
Development of self-awareness and teaching of how to apply that to both your personal and professional life.
Relationship building and share of best practice with senior women across the market.

Benefits to your organisation:

Opportunity to test out coaching for your senior executives in a cost-effective way.
Improved communication skills and awareness at leadership level.
Invaluable networking experience.

£4,499 / person

executive member price

£4,999 / person

General member price

Parental Leave Transition Coaching

Facilitated by Judith Plastow


Are you due to take parental leave and concerned about the impact it will have on your career? ISC Group are here to help you through this next life change with our Parental Leave Transition Coaching programme.  

This programme aims to support prospective Mums and new Mums feel supported, offering reassurance that they remain valued employees on returning to work. The variety of workshops pre and post leave offer participants a safe space to air emotions and feelings regarding Motherhood and work. Within the programming will be a lot of reflective work, driving confidence and outlining opportunities. We conclude the programme by setting up a buddy system on return to work for all participants.

Key Information:

Format – 12-18 Month programme (depending on group and period of leave)
3 x Pre-Maternity Leave (28 weeks pregnant onwards)
2 x Returning to Work (1 week to 4 weeks back in the office) Please note, you may not be in the same group pre and post leave.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for individuals who are due to take a period of leave to care for a child. It is suitable for women from any business size or at any stage in their career.

Benefits to the individual:

Access to coaching during a time of significant change in your working life to ensure a smooth transition.
Ability to meet and “buddy” up with women that have gone through a similar experience across the industry.
Re-energise your enthusiasm for work post leaveBenefits to the organisation/return on investment:

Return on investment:

Improve productivity and performance of new mums.
Drive active consideration of returning to work.
Increase employee loyalty and advocacy.

£1,299 / person

exec / AspIre / emerging member price

£1,499 / person

General member price

What Our Members Say

It has proved really impactful for both me and my highly talented colleagues, who have been nominated for the programme. During lockdown, they have gained so much from this programme and it is making a real immediate impact for both their individual career aspirations and us as an organisation.
Ailsa King, Chief Client Officer, Marsh UK & Ireland
" [ISC Group] has given me more confidence in my daily working life and had a tangible impact on my career "
Managing Director, June 2019