Working Group


Working Group

We assist the Group for Autism, Insurance and Neurodiversity (GAIN) in their pursuit to increase the employment prospects of neurodiverse people (including people with autism) in the insurance and related financial services industries.

Whilst approximately 1 in every 100 people in the UK has an autism diagnosis, only 1 in 6 has access to full-time, paid employment, despite most having the ability and will to do so.

Alongside GAIN, we are working to create an industry-wide business case that promotes inclusivity in the workplace for those with neurodiverse needs. We believe that the insurance sector can lead the way in an industry-wide collaboration to stop this waste of talent and form a step change in the employment of neurodiverse individuals.

If you would like to join the ISC Neurodiversity workstream and support GAIN’s mission, please contact us at or connect with us on GAIN’s LinkedIn page.

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