Corporate Social Responsibility

The Working Groups were established in 2020 to make a positive impact on various societal issues affected by Covid-19. Within the six communities, ISC Group members come together to discuss how the insurance industry can make strides towards greater change, whether this be through partnerships or helping charitable organisations. The Working Groups are also a great way to network with ISC Members, globally, who have similar interests to yourself. Throughout the past year, the Working Groups have strategised the best ways to get the insurance industry involved in their sectors and have a range of exciting projects expected to launch in 2021. Find out more below:


Meet the Chairs of our ISC Working Groups, who together form the RISE group. They strive to better understand and respond to societal and business needs during the pandemic, and deliver relevant, enhanced and creative solutions.


Working Group

Supporting the work of the Group for Autism, Insurance and Neurodiversity (GAIN) to promote inclusivity in the workplace for those with neurodiverse needs.

Racial Justice

Working Group

Committed to being a catalyst for meaningful change in the advancement of equality and inclusion for Women of Colour/ Ethnic Minorities in insurance.


Working Group

Helping girls and women from all ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds access careers in the insurance industry.

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