January 23, 2023

ISC Group Goals for 2023

As part of the expansion of ISC Group, which came into full force in 2022 with three new regions (Bermuda, Ireland and Switzerland) and the addition of 2154 members, we have decided to formalise how we share the learnings we gain from ISC events, programming and projects. The ISC Insights newsletter will be issued monthly and will act as a space to reflect and share details on the most pressing topics relating to diversity, equity and inclusion utilising our unique reach.  

The Insights newsletter (although subscription is open to all), fits into the launch of a new stream of educational content for ISC members. In 2023, ISC Group will be looking to build upon the existing resources available to members which aid with career development and retention of women in the insurance industry. Each month, the Member’s Hub will be bolstered by new video uploads which will include Executive interviews, building a portfolio career and business insights, among other topics. Additionally, we will be launching season three of the ISC Podcast which explores the career paths of senior women in the insurance industry with monthly episodes. There will also be the introduction of two new forms of written content, that of long form articles which will take a deeper dive into topics explored in ISC events or that are of particular importance to the industry and research projects.  

All of these additional resources feed into our goal to provide greater clarity around the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and programmes. We aim to share insight into the personal experiences of those in the industry alongside tangible solutions to help speed up the progress of gender equity.  

As a global organisation, the connections ISC Group makes with other industry initiatives and not-for-profits are intrinsic to the depth of understanding we have of potential solutions to key D,  E & I challenges. Therefore, in 2023, we will be looking to expand these connections and meet with more organisations that share the same motivation and aim as US. By sharing knowledge and working together, we will be able to help the industry change faster whilst also providing greater insight into the aspects of intersectionality which impact the lives of those working in insurance. The ISC member base is reflective of all women. Therefore, we will be focused on ensuring our services are useful to all women which requires an appreciation of different protected characteristics and how they intersect to impact the working experience.  

In 2022, we released the first ISC Impact Report (read here) which details the various programmes, projects and events we implemented, along with how and where we have expanded. This will become an annual report to ensure that we are continuing to be effective in creating impact and change. It will also be an opportunity for our members and the market to see what we have been doing.  

Finally, we will continue to broaden our membership. The ISC General membership will continue to be free and open to all women across the industry regardless of location, seniority and economic situation, allowing all women to build community and find support. There will be a specific focus on promoting this across existing branch locations (Bermuda, Canada, France, Ireland, Switzerland, UK and US) to ensure we are representing as many women as possible in those hubs. Additionally, we will be aiming to launch ISC Germany which will provide German members with access to specific career development programming and in-person events across the country.  

2023 will also be the year that we expand ISC outside of Europe, UK and North America with plans to expand our reach through Singapore and Hong Kong as well as Australia and New Zeland. If you are based in any of these regions and would like to know more, please get in touch. We are always looking for more passionate members to help build out our footprint and reach more women.  

It is going to be another busy and ambitious year for ISC Group and we are looking forward to sharing the steps we take with you.  


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