September 28, 2022

ISC Group launches in Bermuda to address gender inequality in the insurance market

ISC Group has officially launched their Bermuda branch today, starting a new chapter for the organisation. With the help of their founding sponsor, EY, ISC Group will provide a space for shared learning amongstInsurance companies in Bermuda to help all reach their D,E&I goals.


The launch is being celebrated today with an event hosted by Chubb, to showcase the work that ISC Group will do to retain and promote women in the sector and to ensure diversity is included in leadership in the future.


ISC Group will now offer their corporate and individual memberships to women at all stages of their career working in the Bermudian insurance sector. The branch will provide Bermuda with dedicated ISC Group resources to build out a local industry hub for networking and resources,  as well development programmes for the next generation of leaders.


Through the use of their four key pillars; networking, mentoring, coaching and providing business insights, ISCGroup will enable the acceleration of the career of women in insurance.Additionally ISC Group will work towards canvassing a more gender balanced future in Bermuda.


Sandra DeSilva, Chair, ISC Bermuda, comments, "I’m thrilled ISC Group is expanding in Bermuda and I’m honoured to be part of an organisation with such pertinent goals and a clear gender equity objective.  We’re all looking forward to the journey of collaboration and raising awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion in Bermuda’s Re/Insurance sector."


With the collaboration of Sandra DeSilva, the Bermuda Committee members and the support of the ISC global board, the aim is to set a new standard of diversity and inclusion requirements and together fight gender equality inBermuda. Committee members Caroline Berlo, Crystal Clay, Heather Cooper, Krista Doran, and Elizabeth Stewart have been instrumental in the development of Bermuda’s ISC Group branch and encompass the organisation’s ethos.


Lara Pedley, Global Managing Director, ISC Group, comments, “Sandra’s dedication to the ISC mission has been clear since the day I met her. Pairing this with her 10 years + of experience in working for Not For Profit organisations, Sandra is the perfect candidate to take on the role in the beginning years of our Bermuda branch’s journey. It’s because of her that we are now able to service insurance organisations in Bermuda. I look forward to working with her and developing the Bermuda branch going forward.“


Any woman in Bermuda can register as an ISC Group general member.



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