Seeking to achieve equal opportunities for women in business.

ISC Group is a business community that provides personal, professional and business development for women in insurance.

Entry Level
Executive Team

The Facts

Industry Statistics

Women outnumber men at entry-level positions* but representation decreases significantly in more senior roles.

The lack of women in leadership positions can inhibit the ambition of others, perpetuating the problem.

How we help you.

Through our range of memberships, we help the industry retain, attract and promote women. Whether you are just starting our in your career or are looking for your next board role, we have memberships to suit you in any stage of your career. Each membership tier comes with a tailored, holistic programme designed to help you achieve your next career goal.

Our Holistic Programme

Throughout the past twelve years, we have identified four key pillars that, in conjunction, have proven to accelerate women in the workplace at any stage in their career.


Provide a safe space for challenging conversations to happen.


Improve communication across the industry to reduce the seniority gap.


Stimulate internal and external self-awareness around behaviours in business.

Business Insights

Give better access to industry knowledge to accelerate career progression.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I join the mailing list?

Email us at, we’ll point you in the right direction!

What is the difference between the General and paid membership options?

The general membership provides access to the broadcasts and networking events however the paid membership includes coaching, mentoring and business insights events. It is a programme which has been carefully designed with your career development in mind.

How much time do these events take up?

It depends on how many events you want to attend but we estimate 60-90 minutes a month.

Why can’t men apply to become an ISC member?

We believe in positive discrimination to effectuate lasting culture change. Our goal is to reach gender parity in the Insurance industry and as such devote our time to providing women with the skills they need to reach leadership positions.

What are the working groups and how are they different from each other?

The working groups each focus on a particular topic which is of interest and value to our members. They act to engage the Insurance industry more effectively in each of their specific sectors whether that be through education or charitable giving.