Our Story

Where we started to where we are now.

ISC Group is a business community, founded by Barbara Schonhofer, that provides personal, professional and business development for women in insurance.


The Facts

Industry Statistics

Women outnumber men at management level* but representation decreases significantly in more senior roles.

The lack of women in leadership positions can inhibit the ambition of others, perpetuating the problem.

Our History

We initially launched as a network for senior women in the UK but quickly developed into a global business community uniting women across the world. It is this global experience that we built our four key pillars on.


The Beginning

Founded by Barbara Schonhofer in the UK with 12 members



Launched in the USA
and Switzerland



Launched in Canada,
France, Ireland and



Appointment of Kadidja Sinz as ISC France Chair.


Next Generation

Launch of ‘Next Generation’ mentoring programme and collaboration with Foundation des Femmes.

How we help you.

Through our range of memberships, we help the industry retain, attract and promote women. Whether you are just starting out in your career or are looking for your next board role, we have memberships to suit you at any stage. Each membership tier comes with a tailored, holistic programme designed to help you achieve your next career goal.

Our Holistic Programme

Throughout the past twelve years, we have identified four key pillars that, in conjunction, have proven to accelerate women in the workplace at any stage in their career.


Provide a safe space for challenging conversations to happen.


Improve communication across the industry to reduce the seniority gap.


Stimulate internal and external self-awareness around behaviours in business.

Business Insights

Give better access to industry knowledge to accelerate career progression.

Individual Memberships

Select Membership
All Women in Insurance
Available globally as part of the ISC Group offering which includes all women in the insurance industry

On Demand

Keynote interviews or panel discussions on a variety of topical subjects. All are recorded and stored in the online hub for members to access.

Global Networking

Opportunities for members to network with other women in insurance around the world. These sessions are facilitated by members from the ISC Community.

Community Working Groups

Led by our members, we are committed to supporting broader society and getting the insurance industry behind some of the ongoing initiatives and charitable organisations available.

By application only


Per month

Mid-level women
The Next Generation programme seeks to find opportunities for talent to connect, learn and grow. We are focused on the development of the next generation of talented women with the aim of increasing the representation of women in leadership positions in insurance.


The formal, annual mentoring programme gives access to a senior female leader with whom members are able to seek career advice and guidance.


The "In Conversation" series is designed to provide networking opportunities with senior females leaders who share their professional and personal experiences.


Our four-part executive coaching programme, "Empowering Women as Leaders", focuses on areas of development for women in the industry.


Per month

Female Executives
Executive membership is reserved for female managers and senior executives in the insurance industry who reside in France

Business Insights

Access to thought leadership around future risks. Intimate, Chatham House rule, business discussions with industry experts moderated and facilitated by ISC Board Members or Ambassadors.

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What Our Members Say

I was pleased to have been selected for the Next Generation Programme. I gained unique insights through open conversations, where all questions were relevant and welcome. I now feel empowered to continue to develop myself and explore opportunities for a successful career within insurance
Latifa Lam, Bessé
The mentoring programme presents a great opportunity for talented insurance executives to exchange in all transparency and sincerity with more experienced executives... It’s a programme that generates strong bonds and reminds us that insurance is, above all, a people business.
Anne Charon, CEO A2C